KLO to the Rescue

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Computer Help

Is your technology giving you headaches?

There’s a Coach for that.


Is your computer giving you headaches? Are you having trouble navigating your Operating System? We’ve all been there. Let us help you end the frustration.

Tablets and smartphones

Beginning to doubt that smart devices are actually smart? Need help? We can do that. We can make using your device a pleasure instead of a pain.

Printers and other pains in the ...

Printer not printing? Having trouble figuring out what a driver is and why you need one? We can help with that too.

Befriend your computer or device.

We have years of experience with technology. We see people everyday so frustrated with their technology they are ready to give it the heave ho. We can teach you what you want to know to make a friend of your computer, tablet or smart phone. 

Social Media have you confuzzled and ready to disappear into the woods behind your house?

Need some help learning to to sign up for or to navigate Facebook, Instagram, a blog you would like to write, twitter, or any other social media? We can help you set up your pages, teach you how to load pictures, post posts, befriend your friends and have some fun. So don’t give up. We can do it together.

Grand Opening coming soon to an unruly Computer near you!

Our scheduling system will be up soon. Our contact page is ready to roll. Visit our contact page to make your technology woes a thing of the past.

Stay Tuned, or click this button to contact us now.