KLO to the Rescue

501 Lisbon St, Lisbon Falls, Maine 04252


Does technology give you the jitters? We are here to rescue you from your computer woes.

Do you find that you are more frustrated with your computer, tablet or smartphone than getting any enjoyment out of it? Are you having trouble setting up a new device? Need help to learn how to back up your computer, tablet, or smart phone?  Wondering how to install apps, set up email, navigate social media?

So many questions. Where do you go to find the answers?

I am a geek, a self-proclaimed nerd. Well truth be told, everyone who knows me calls one or other and sometimes both. Goes something like this: You are such a geeky nerd. For many years I have assisted frustrated computer and mobile device users learn to enjoy their computers, their tablets, and their phones.

What can this Geeky Nerd so for you? I can help you turn your computer woes into computer wows.

We offer workshops and one on one instruction in a relaxing environment that is a judgement free zone. Any of you that have worked with me before know that I have patience and the know-how.

Whether it’s helping you understand how to upload pictures from your camera to your computer. Navigating around Facebook, or learning how to transfer files and pictures from your computer to a flash drive. And so much more.

 Book an appointment today and let’s get your unruly technology tamed!

Leah OConnor

Leah O’Connor – The Geeky Nerd